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ITP Florida is actually offering 3 different homeschool programs.


Laurel Springs

Laurel Springs School is a WASC-accredited K–12 distance learning school in Ojai, CaliforniaUnited States. Laurel Springs School offers personalized resources, customizable curricula, individualized teacher services, college advising and other services to families attending public and private school who are looking for another option; distance learning and home education students; students pursuing acting or sports careers; families living abroad; home school families; private and public schools and tutoring centers.

Laurel Springs High School received the United Nations Global 500 Roll of Honour Award in 1990.


Educational Pursuit

Since 1997, the Educational Pursuit mission has been to help high school students with every aspect of the college application process. We are not just a test prep center, we provide complete college preparations.


A New Beginning Academy

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