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ITP Florida


About Us

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Services I

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Services II

ITP Florida offers players the tools to achieve their goals. ​

  • Tennis Coaching.

  • Fitness and Training Programs.

  • Physiotherapy and Osteopathy.

  • Mental Coaching.

  • Traveling and Tournament Participation.

  • consulting.

“I found that with this concept, I was able to reach my high performance goals. Because of my training, I reached the Quarter Finals of the US Open in 2008 and believed in myself more than ever because I was able to reach the full potential of my game. Now, it’s an everyday commitment for me.”Gilles MULLER


Fundamentals and technique are the core elements of good tennis. Tailoring a personalized technique around the fundamentals is the key to the development of the player. Every great player has a different technique but all respect the same fundamentals.


Tactic and strategy are the keys in modern, powerful tennis. There are different tactics players use -- including attacker, hitter, retriever, ball maker - but strategy is what is used against an opponent in order to win a match. Instead of enclosing a player to one tactic, we will teach them to open their scope of play and incorporate strategy.


ITP Florida collaborates with System 8, a professional and personal fitness training program that incorporates strength, coordination, endurance, flexibility and pool conditioning.


We offer mental and emotional support for the player on the court by creating the right routines and a conceptual mental process and off the court with a mental support professional working closely with ITP Florida.


Support your health via two dedicated options including onsite massage and sport treatments with Dr. Shariff and Athletix or offsite physiotherapy services with Dr. Libessart.

The ITP Florida and Tennisprotour team are located on the grounds of the David Posnack JCC in Davie, Florida. With locations around the world, the ITP has teamed up with expert coaching in Florida in order to offer players of all ages and levels a safe, productive and structured environment in order to maximize the potential of world-class athletes and juniors.

  • We offer three specialized programs:

  • Personalized, full-service plan for tour players

  • World class junior program

  • High-level curriculum for those looking to advance

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